Samsung mobile hotspot disappears again due to cybercrime in panaji, goa

Indicating rampant cybercrime in panaji, goa the Samsung mobile hotspot is no longer visible on desktop of the domain investor, Other wifinetworks like frisco54, maria and tendafa95a8 are visible on the desktop, though the domain investor cannot connect on them since she does not have the password.
Only the samsung mobile hotspot network of the domain investor, is not visible after 14.00 hours on 19 August 2021, though it was visible at 10 am on 19 august 2021. It appears that some settings are changed by hackers so that the mobile network is not visible.
A lot of time is wasted to troubleshoot the mobile hotspot problem.

Cybercriminals in panaji, goa make Samsung wifi hotspot disappear again

After the samsung wifi connection was working properly for a few days, on 12 august 2021 it is blocked again at 14.00hrs
Again the wifi network connections are showing Frisco54 wifi network which is not connected, indicating that the wifi dongle is working properly
On the samsung smartphone also the internet connection is working, websites can be accessed
However on the desktop, the samsung wifi is not visible indicating that some registry settings are changed, so the samsung mobile hotspot is not visible on the windows computer

Hacking of private citizens computers continues in panaji, goa

Indicating the widespread CYBERCRIME in india, especially in panaji, goa on small business owners, paypal account holders, the mobile hotspot has again disappeared from the desktop of the domain investor, a private citizen on 7 August 2021
The mobile hotspot was visible till 5 pm on 7 August, and on 6 august 2021
Then when the domain investor tried using the mobile hotspot at around 8.30 pm she is not getting any wifi connection at all
The wifi dongle is inserted in all the USB ports, yet no wifi network is detected at all.
Some hacker has changed the registry settings for a private citizen, to waste her time , she will again waste her time testing the dongle on other computers