o key from HP keyboard falls out within one month

The well paid selfish greedy ntro, raw, cbi employees are quick to falsely accuse indian paypal account holders of money laundering, black money if they withdraw cash from their bank account.
Yet these well paid LIAR RAW, cbi, ntro employees refuse to acknowledge the fact that unlike R&AW/cbi who waste indian taxpayer money paying monthly salaries to well connected FRAUDS for making FAKE CLAIMS, customers outside india are paying citizens only if they sell a product or service which is digital, delivered online
So unlike the well connected high status google, tata sponsored CYBERCRIMINAL LIAR raw/cbi employees who get monthly government salaries only for MAKING FAKE CLAIMS of computer work, domain ownership, indian paypal account holders have to work very hard, spending a lot of time, and invest a large amount of money in computer hardware, internet connection
The indian government COMPUTER WORK, BANKING FRAUD on some indian paypal business account holders since 2010, is extremely frustating for them, and is reducing the life of the hardware. For example the domain investor, a private citizen had purchased a HP keyboard for Rs 900 in July 2020 in panaji. Now a month later, the o key has come out, making it difficult to use it
Instead of harassing and defaming indian paypal business account holders, the well paid ntro, raw, cbi employees should show some humanity and acknowledge that they also have some expenses, customers outside india are not donating money to them.