Punished and tortured for working on computers

There is no limit to endless atrocities of the cruel criminal sex animal intelligence and security agency officials, especially in panaji, goa on harmless indian citizens. These casteist criminal officials think that only brahmins and good looking people should work on the computer, all others should be criminally tortured using microwave weapons as punishment for their crime of working on the computer.
In panaji, goa , the google, tata sponsored cruel criminal sex animal government employees in ntro have developed a sophisticated method of punishing harmless indian citizens for their crime of working on the computer or laptop.
Sophisticate ntro equipment is used to monitor every word being typed on the laptop. If any word typed these cruel sex animal government employees kept as pets by google, tata allegedly related to shivalli brahmin cheater R&AW employee nayanshree hathwar, goan gsb fraud housewife riddhi nayak will immediately increase the radiation levels causing great pain to the harmless citizen, as part of google,tata MICROWAVE MURDER PLAN in panaji, goa . The indian government refuses to take any action against their cruel sex animal employees kept as pets by large corporates who are torturing harmless citizens

Dlink allegedly promoting goan obc fraud SEX specialist R&AW employee sunaina

The lazy greedy mediocre goan obc bhandari SEX SPECIALIST fraud jeans clad R&AW employee bsc sunaina does no work online at all and has never invested a single rupee online, allegedly relies on offering SEX BRIBES to shameless fraud tata, google,ntro, security agency officials who then shamelessly and falsely claim that their GOAN SEX PARTNER RAW EMPLOYEE sunaina owns the sex filled websites where news of R&AW employee sunaina’s regular sexploits are published.
It appears that dlink is another goan company that is being duped that the goan SEX specialist slim jeans clad R&AW employee sunaina, who is too busy having sex, is working online.
Dlink should be aware that the slim goan obc bhandari R&AW employee sunaina is only a SEX specialist, who has sex with some of the most powerful fraud men in India in tata, google , who have no qualms shamelessly make false claims if any woman is offering SEX BRIBES to them. Like other intelligence agencies, R&AW recruits some women like sunaina only for their willingness to have sex, like Matahari, or Honeytraps .

Goan obc sex specialist R&AW employee sunaina does not know anything about the internet or domain names,as she is too lazy, risk averse. Dlink should think logically if the goan sex specialist R&AW employee sunaina or her fraud sex partners in google, tata was actually controlling websites, would they have the news of her sex bribes be published on the websites she falsely claims to own. After 4 years why has goan sex specialist R&AW employee sunaina not purchased any domain name, why make false claims that she owns the domain names of another woman, without paying any expenses.

Any company in goa or elsewhere that is promoting the goan obc bhandari sex specialist R&AW employee sunaina , making fake claims, will find the news of the sex scandals of sunaina and company officials published on a large number of websites as the real domain investor cannot afford to be defamed, exploited, cheated and tortured by the shameless fraud R&AW employee sunaina, and her powerful sex partners in ntro, google, tata and elsewhere.

R&AW is free to recruit anyone they wish, they have no right to falsely claim that their employees own the domain names and associated paypal account of another indian citizen.

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