Pain gun installed near photocopier machine removed

Tired of being tortured continuously with the indian version of the Raytheon pain gun Silent Guardian Protection System in a house by cruel criminal officials, a harmless single woman obc engineer, domain investor and Paypal account holder vacated the house for some time to escape the daily human rights abuses. The pain guns had been installed in multiple places in the house, so that she could not escape.
However after the house was vacant for a few months, the criminal officials have removed their torture equipment gradually as the equipment is expensive and they have limited quantity. Earlier the pain gun was installed near the photocopy machine in the house in panaji, goa, so everytime she would take a photocopy at home, she would experience intense pain and be crippled for some time.
Now in the last few months, the pain gun has been taken away and no pain is experienced after photocopying using the machine.