Stalking at photo studio

The all powerful security and intelligence agencies stalking a harmless single woman obc engineer, domain investor appear to have no other work other than monitor her closely. On 22 February 2016, she went to a photo studio to get some copies of passport photos . Immediately the security agency officials sent a young woman who looked like RAW employees ruchika or asmita patel with a photo of a woman on a mobile phone, who appeared to be of the same age group.
These officials wanted to check the facial resemblance between the woman who was working in a nearby store, wearing light blue clothes, and the domain investor. They had initially planned to pass off the woman as the domain investor, misusing the adhar card system and asked the photographer to change the background colour in the photo to red, to match the image of the domain investor .
However the woman’s image with the ruchika/asmita patel look alike had her nose pierced, so the impersonation fraud gang appear to have postponed their idea for some time.