Pain gun installed near photocopier machine removed

Tired of being tortured continuously with the indian version of the Raytheon pain gun Silent Guardian Protection System in a house by cruel criminal officials, a harmless single woman obc engineer, domain investor and Paypal account holder vacated the house for some time to escape the daily human rights abuses. The pain guns had been installed in multiple places in the house, so that she could not escape.
However after the house was vacant for a few months, the criminal officials have removed their torture equipment gradually as the equipment is expensive and they have limited quantity. Earlier the pain gun was installed near the photocopy machine in the house in panaji, goa, so everytime she would take a photocopy at home, she would experience intense pain and be crippled for some time.
Now in the last few months, the pain gun has been taken away and no pain is experienced after photocopying using the machine.

Corrupt greedy shameless indian intelligence, security agencies force indian citizens to invest in insurance

Though India officially claims to be a democracy, in reality it is ruled by the greedy corrupt dishonest intelligence and security agencies who are free to do anything they feel like, without a court order or legally valid reason. For example these officials have made fake allegations without any proof against a harmless single woman obc engineer, domain investor, paypal account holder for more than 5 years and stolen her retirement savings of twenty years, without a legally valid reason or court order. These fraud security agency officials who are replacing the british in commiting human rights abuses, atrocities on harmless indians label any vulnerable person as a security threat without any proof to exploit, cheat the person for the rest of his or her life.

So though the returns on insurance investment remains low compared to other options, indian citizens who are defamed, exploited by the fraud corrupt security and intelligence agencies are forced to invest their hard earned money in insurance or the shameless fraud indian intelligence and security agencies will steal all their hard earned money making up fake stories

Necessary technology for the finance sector

Worldwide governments are relying on technology for better tracking and record keeping, especially in the financial sector. So many finance sector professionals who otherwise did not know much about computers and the internet are now forced to keep elaborate financial records in digital format. A look at the E necessities for finance sector professionals and companies, software and hardware.

Reward offered for defamatory videos or information

Domain investor, paypal account holder offers reward for defamatory videos, audios, emails and smses regarding the ownership of domain names, paypal account related to, especially that any RAW/CBI/NTRO employees are connected to it in any way, so that legal action can be taken to end the slander which is causing great losses. Please send any information to

Mobile tracking misused to cause insomnia in India

Indian security and intelligence agencies are ruthless in stalking, torturing a harmless single woman engineer, domain investor and Paypal account holder who is being impersonated by 8-9 lazy greedy sex bribe giving, housewife cheater RAW/CBI employees who are getting a salary for FAKING THEIR RESUME. Mobile tracking is misused extensively by fraud ntro officials to track her location and harass her.
If she will make the mistake of not switching off the mobile in the evening, she is guaranteed insomnia at night as the cruel fraud sex bribe taking ntro officials,who have stolen her resume for the fraud cbi/raw employees, will use sleep disturbance equipment to wake her up in the middle of the night and ruin her health.
The latest harassment of the criminal ntro officials in panaji, goa took place on 24 February 2016, when the engineer was woken up at 3 am disturbing her sleep.

Stalking at photo studio

The all powerful security and intelligence agencies stalking a harmless single woman obc engineer, domain investor appear to have no other work other than monitor her closely. On 22 February 2016, she went to a photo studio to get some copies of passport photos . Immediately the security agency officials sent a young woman who looked like RAW employees ruchika or asmita patel with a photo of a woman on a mobile phone, who appeared to be of the same age group.
These officials wanted to check the facial resemblance between the woman who was working in a nearby store, wearing light blue clothes, and the domain investor. They had initially planned to pass off the woman as the domain investor, misusing the adhar card system and asked the photographer to change the background colour in the photo to red, to match the image of the domain investor .
However the woman’s image with the ruchika/asmita patel look alike had her nose pierced, so the impersonation fraud gang appear to have postponed their idea for some time.

Pain ray used to torture harmless indian domain investors, paypal account holders

In India due to the misplaced healthcare priorities of indian intelligence agencies, a huge amount of indian tax payer money is wasted to ruin the health, finances and cause great pain to harmless indian citizens, especially domain investors, paypal account holders misusing the pain ray or active denial system(ADS) which the indian intelligence, security agency officials have access to for national security .
Any other harmless indian domain investor, paypal account holder or indian resident being ruthlessly tortured using these invisible hitech weapons, which cause great pain, can send their details to and check Healthcare website for more information.

Smartphone costing Rs 251 from Ringing bells

Most newspapers carried the news of the smartphone Freedom251 from a Ghaziabad company Ringing bells which offering full featured smart phone called freedom251 costing Rs 250. The phone seller was promising delivery by June 2016 and online booking had opened on February 2016. However experts are claiming that the smartphone could not cost less than Rs 2500 with the specifications provided. In addition to the media attention, the phone seller has also got a lot of police and income tax department attention with his passport being confiscated.
The freedom251 phone seller said he would be revealing his business model in a few days time. With delivery charges of Rs 40 per phone, the phone seller has already collected Rs 73 crore in online booking and reached their target of 25 lakh mobile phone preorders. Whether he will actually deliver the phone as specified, only time will tell. To get details of the cheap mobile phones available in India check Mobile phones comparison . Phone sellers can send their product specifications for a free listing to Expensive mobiles are also stolen in India, more details at stolen smartphones

Internet blocked in Haryana

Media reported that internet was blocked in some parts of haryana due to the Jat riots for OBC reservation. The officials are misguided when they think that the internet will be used for creating problems. The number of people who are using the internet remains limited, and they have little motivation to cause problems. Except in large metro cities, most people in India continue to read newspapers, magazines or watch TV for news
Blocking internet will cause a problem for people using the internet for business, education and similar requirement and the real troublemakers will not be affected,

Ads being removed rapidly

As the ntro, R&AW, cbi officials who wasted a huge amount of tax payer money for more than 5 years planning an identity theft fraud and hostile take over are slowly realizing that they do not have any legally valid proof at all against the obc engineer they defamed without proof for years , the ads which were being posted on the website are being removed rapidly.
These officials are realizing that they and their associates can no longer take credit for the revenues so they are advising their associates to remove all the ads posted on the website to maximize the losses of the obc engineer whose life, reputation they have destroyed.