Sandisk pen drives hacked repeatedly using the wifi network

Though Sandisk is the most popular pen drive brand in many asian countries, it appears that the pen drive has a large number of backdoors which allows ntro/nsa/tata officials to steal data remotely using the hidden wifi network of intelligence and security agency officials.
When a sandisk pen drive will be used to take a backup or store data, the laptop will take a long time to recognize that the pen drive has been inserted, indicating that the pen drive is being synchronized with a data storage device elsewhere. The data theft is increasingly common in case of impersonation frauds or identity theft, where Paypal account holders are monitored closely and officials will falsely claim that the paypal account and work is done by their lazy greedy cheater friends and relatives to get these frauds great powers, lucrative R&AW jobs.
The sandisk pendrives are also repeatedly hacked and no data remains secure. Any way to end the problem will be appreciated