Inkjet printers hacked repeatedly

Though inkjet printers and multifunctional devices (all in ones) are available online and offline at a fairly affordable price, most of these printers are easily hacked using the wifi hidden network controlled by the security and intelligence agencies, allegedly NTRO. Prior to 2010, a inkjet printer could be used for at least one year without any major problem at all.
However after 2010, as the hidden wifi network was available extensively the life of these printers has reduced to a very great extent. These expensive printers do not work for even three months without creating a major problem and no printout will be possible.
Usually the manufacturers will offer a one year warranty on the printer and the customer support person will check the defective printer for free. However in small towns repairing a faulty inkjet printer can be a time consuming task due to the non availability of spares, which have to be procured from larger cities or metros.