NTRO officials hacking laptops for sex bribes

The NTRO officials in goa are hacking the computer of a obc paypal account holder not for national security reasons, they are actually do so that they can enjoy unlimited sex bribes.
They are monitoring all the activities on any laptop of the obc paypal account holder so that they can falsely claim that their lazy greedy goan cheater friends siddhi mandrekar, goan obc bhandari bsc sunaina are doing all the work, to get these mediocre lazy frauds great powers and allegedly a lucrative job in R&AW.
As these ntro officials are extremely powerful, most people and companies will blindly believe all their lies. The lazy greedy goan frauds siddhi sunaina will get a good job for doing nothing and will do whatever these ntro officials want them to, including sex bribes for the rest of their life.

Extremely poor internet connectivity in Goa during the day

Despite paying a fairly large amount daily for internet connection, during the day in Goa , internet connectivity remains extremely slow. After 7.45 am in the morning for the last few weeks in November 2015, it has become extremely difficult to do any work at all as the internet connection is getting disconnected repeatedly.
Either the USB dongle is returning an error, whenever the internet is being connected or the internet connection speed has reduced to zero with no data being uploaded or downloaded.
Online shopping and other online work has become increasingly difficult, yet filing returns online has become compulsory

Internet connectivity extremely slow during the day

Top officials in the indian internet sector behave as though they are doing a great favor to an obc domain investor when they allow her to connect to the internet, and deny her the information and opportunities she deserved because she has used the internet after investing in domain names.
Yet internet connectivity remains extremely slow in Goa during the day,it is almost impossible to open a single page online. When these fraud officials are not allowing her to connect to the internet, what kind of favor are they doing to justify the misuse of her name, denial of information and opportunities

When the obc Paypal account holder and domain investor cannot connect to the internet during the day, while millions of other India citizens can easily connect, why are the shameless greedy top officials behaving as though they are doing a great favor to her, diverting her correspondence to their fraud friends after stealing her resume.

Internet connection becomes increasingly unreliable

Assistir one punch 2 temporada online

On 1 November 2015, the internet connection of the OBc engineer has become increasingly unreliable, and the 3g internet connection is getting disconnected automatically after a short time, which is less than a minute in most cases. The problem appears to be extremely severe during the day and evening.
It will start from 9 am in the morning and continue till 8.30 pm at night, indicating that some officials are monitoring the connection and disconnecting it intentionally to waste the time of the obc engineer, domain investor and Paypal account holder.
These officials, allegedly in NTRO cannot be held accountable for the wastage of tax payer money for their personal hatred, greed, so it is advisable to reduce internet usage to the minium