Internet connection disrupted 8 times

In an indication of how poor internet connectivity in India remains in 2015, a domain investor found that a senior citizen wanted to access some tax related data of his client, and when she tried to access the data , the internet connection was interrupted at least 8 times in less than one hour, forcing the domain investor to reconnect again, and wasting a lot of time on 30 October 2015 between 9.30 am and 10.30 am. The domain investor used at least 2 different internet connections, trying to connect to the internet
When no ISP or internet provider in India can provide a reliable connection to ordinary civilians, who are spending a lot of money, during the day, why is the government insisting on all forms and data to be complete online.
If Indian citizens cannot find a reliable internet connection, and so do not provide the data in time, why are they being blamed for non compliance by the government.