How the hitech extortion, impersonation racket of the gsb frauds riddhi siddhi was exposed

The greedy lazy goan gsb frauds riddhi siddhi like to think that their hitech extortion and impersonation racket will not be exposed, their domain investor victim will tolerate the extortion forever.
They are using voice synthesis to impersonate the domain investor and the person calling the domain investor. In one case the domain investor was speaking to a lady on phone, and she said that her age was 45. When the domain investor met the lady in person for a discussion, and asked her for her age, the lady said that she was 33, clearly indicating that the phone conversations are being manipulated.
In another case, the domain investor was discussing a requirement with a webdesigner, the conversation was being manipulated, and the webdesigner concluded that the domain investor was not interested in his services.
So the impersonation fraud of the lazy greedy brahmin cheaters riddhi siddhi nayanshree is becoming a big problem for the domain investor as she cannot communicate with anyone on phone, without being impersonated or these frauds demanding a commission on any deal being finalized.
There are many huge rackets in India, why is so much tax payer money wasted to harass a harmless domain investor